// CLIENT: ihero Club

NFT's for a crypto community

NFT's for a crypto community

Digital Art


iHero Club (🇺🇦) is a comunnity-driven crypto community.

The aim was to produce three unique NFTs functioning as exclusive membership cards on the Binance Smart Chain.

Partner duration

1 month




Digital Art

3D, animated NFTs

3 Tiers - Hero, Leader & Legend

NFT design process

The goal was to create an intuitive and seamless staking experience, empowering users to participate in network validation and earn rewards effortlessly.

Kasta Tiers present the opportunity to earn up to 15% interest, enjoy reduced swap fees, and other exclusive benefits when you lock up KASTA tokens in the app.

"The organisation of an agency with the talent of specialised freelancers.

Well versed in the crypto industry which really helped me explain my project ideas.

Designs exceeded my expectations, and then some.”

Karol Lemish

- Founder