To ensure quality we only partner with a maximum of 3 clients. After this Infinite UX will close.
- Ralph Jones, Founder
Subscription-based UX design & research

Your dedicated UX design team

Infinite UX design & research services for a fixed monthly fee. Unlimited requests, unlimited revisions - cancel anytime.

WE ARE Trusted by Over 25 companies globally

// THE Problem

Finding a great UX team is difficult


Employing a senior UX designer averages $148,000 (Glassdoor, 2023).

Incur significant fees on recruitment , software, hardware & benefits


Traditional agencies often charge a premium only to give your work to a junior.

Overall quality suffers with key UX principles being left out.


How much time will bad designers cost you? - managing, rehiring, revisions etc.

How much time will you spend redesigning a redesign?

"Novatur Design has been an integral part in preparing the for iOS Appstore & Android Playstore"

Hans-H Lusmagi

CPO & Co-Founder

// Infinite UX

How does Infinite UX work?

1. Book a call

Every client partnership is important to us so let's make sure we are a great fit.

2. Request your designs

You'll receive a personalized 'Notion' board tailored to your design requests. Feel free to add as many requests as you need.

3. Time for design

We will tackle your requests one at a time, designed typically within 4/5 business days depending on the complexity.

4. Unlimited Revisions

After a request is completed, you'll have the opportunity to review the outcome until you are 100% satisfied.

What's included?

UX Design


We design user interfaces based on insights, designed with a clear purpose and crafted for people aiming to deliver real value.

Great design builds trust, trust converts.


Interface Design

Website Design

Interactive Prototyping

UX Research


Helping you understand your users and map out a clear direction for your digital products.

Know your users and you'll know what to design.

User Personas

Competitor Analysis

Journey mapping

Product Prioritisation

// Features

Add us to your team for  
1 week or 1 year


Best-in-class UX

Fluent in the correct practices of UX: 'Design systems', 'Autolayout' etc. - high quality, pixel perfect - ready for scale



Collaborating hand-in-hand, we become an extension of your team, with open communication and shared goals.


Peace of mind

Knowing your project is in capable hands, free yourself to focus on nurturing and expanding your business.


Save up to $ 30K yearly

Compared to hiring a Senior UX designer (average salary of a Senior UX designer 121K) - Glassdoor 2023



Design should never be random, rather strategic solutions. We aim to maximizing conversions and driving business growth.  


2 for 1

You'll have access to a dedicated senior UX designer and a senior UX researcher. A very powerful combination.

A study by 'Forrester' found that every dollar invested in UX brings $100 in return — that's a staggering 9900% ROI.

// Pricing

No surprises.
No hidden fees.
Cancel anytime.

Great for first-timers exploring our services or small one off projects
(ex VAT)
every 2 weeks
A UX team with over 25 years of exp.
Unlimited UX design & research tasks
Unlimited Revisions
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⚡️ Save 10%
Offer ends 31st Apr.
For small-medium sized teams with multiple tasks with flexibility
(ex VAT)
per month
Everything in Fortnightly plus
Save €1000 per month vs fortnightly
Add us to your comms channel
1 meeting per week
⚡️ Save 10%
Offer ends 31st Apr.
For larger sized teams with a longer roadmap where scope is uncertain
(ex VAT)
(every 3 months)
Everything in Monthly plus
Save €5400 per month vs fortnightly
Add us to your company team website
An additional meeting per month
Digital payments are also considered:

Join C-levels & founders
that trust us

Crypto / Web3


"Novatur Design has been an integral part of preparing the Kasta application design for iOS and Android, with a strong focus on interface design and user experience.

They are highly skilled in UI/UX design, with a deep understanding of design systems and high-fidelity prototyping.

Kasta was fortunate for the collaboration, and the product would not be the same without their invaluable contributions."

Hans-H Lusmagi

CPO & Co-Founder



“After a year of trial and error with other designers on our MVP, we found a match with Ralph & Novatur Design.

Their thorough UX audit and redesign process breathed new life into our product.They not only revamped the MVP’s user interface but also vastly improved user experience. In addition, they set us up on a design system ready for scale and even created an interactive prototype ready to show and close potential clients.

Looking back, Novatur Design were the designers we should have partnered with from day one. If you’re seeking a transformative UX experience, look no further.”

Marcus Rosenberg

CEO & Founder



"We gave Novatur Design some inspiration and direction of how we wanted the app to look, however when Ralph came back with the initial design concepts

- it surpassed any vision of what I had in mind.

Not only the speed of the initial designs but the prototyping really allowed us to envision the final product."

Nicola Formaggio


Crypto / Web 3.0


“On behalf of the Sync Network Team it was a great pleasure working with Novatur Design.The Sync Network brand was becoming stale with no real direction before Ralph stepped in.

We've now found a perfect balance of creativity & investability.

Ralph did an amazing job taking care of the presentation with only a few days to go until a big pitch - which has since helped us secure multiple high stake investors.”

Scott Bondsman




"They worked one of our latest fully featured casinos and a bespoke affiliate site

- I was very satisfied with the results, cannot recommend highly enough"

Kenneth Schembri


Crypto / Web 3.0


"The organisation of an agency with the talent of a specialised freelancer.

Designs exceeded my expectations, and then some...”

Karol Lemish


You probably have some questions..

Let's answer them

How long does it take to set up?

We can have you up and  ready to request designs in less than 24hrs from the initial meeting. Thats the beauty of a subscription.

No contracts*, no fuss, no looking through portfolios. UX design and research ready-to-launch 🚀

*We are happy to sign any NDAs required

What is a UX design subscription?

A design subscription provides businesses with ongoing UX design services through a recurring subscription model.

This approach offers flexibility and scalability, allowing you to access a dedicated team of designers on-demand without the commitment of hiring full-time staff or engaging in project-based contracts.

How many clients do you have?

At any point in time, we limit the number of clients to three. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality designs to each client, rather than maximizing the number of clients.

🔒 Once all client slots are filled, new subscriptions are temporarily unavailable. However, when slots become available again, subscriptions reopen.

How long do tasks take?

Normally, you can expect to receive your designs within a few business days.

However, for more complex requests, the design process may take longer. For instance, creating a basic landing page might take around 3 days, while conducting an analysis of user feedback and suggesting updates to app user journeys could take a week or more.

Throughout the process, you'll have visibility into the progress via your company's dedicated Notion board.

Why should I not hire a full-time UX designer?

1. Hiring a full-time senior-level UX designer now demands an annual cost surpassing $148,000 (Glassdoor, 2023). That doesnt include any benefits, equipment cost etc.

2. There might be instances where you don't have enough work to keep them occupied consistently, resulting in paying for idle time.

3. 💡 It's important to remember that a UX designer and a UX researcher are two different roles, so you'd essentially have to hire 2 people. With Novatur Designs' 'Infinite UX' you get a dedicated senior UX designer and a dedicated senior UX researcher - for a fixed price.

I just want a website - Is this for me!?

YES however It depends on the size and complexity of your website. Let's chat directly to figure out the best solution for you, whether it's a fixed rate or a subscription that fits better.

What if the project runs over,  say-by a week and im on the monthly plan?

If you sign up for a months design service and the project runs over by a week, no problem - we'll switch you over to weekly billing for that last remaning week.

🤝 We'll find a compromise that benefits both parties involved - remember this is a partnership.

Who will work on my project?

Your project will be handled by me, Ralph Jones 👋🏼, the director of Novatur Design, along with Barbara, our experienced UX Researcher. Check the 'About' page for more on Novatur Design.

What about meetings?

Most of our work is done during 'deep work' periods, away from constant meetings. Studies have shown that excessive meetings can hinder productivity. Rest assured, we'll schedule meetings as necessary to keep you informed and ensure your project's success.

What if i'm not happy with the designs?

While you're subscribed, you have unlimited revisions available for your work. Ensuring that you're completely satisfied with the final design is our top priority! ⚡️

Are there refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our work and the personalized service we provide, refunds are not possible. However, we're committed to your satisfaction and will work closely with you to address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Do you accept Equity/Tokens?

Yes, we're open to considering alternative forms of payment, including equity or tokens, depending on the project's scope and potential. Let's discuss this option further during our initial consultation.