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Lucki ( 🇺🇸 ) is an app for both employer & employee, for short & long term work. The Lucki App aims to partner businesses in the catering industry with skilled workers.

As an employee it gives the user the ability to search for jobs in the area and apply at a moments notice - to work on their own schedule. As an employer you will be able to repeat hire & fill job openings at a moments notice.

*This project was shelved due to funding.

Partner duration

3+ months




UX Design
for the chef 🍣
for the waiter🍸
for the barister
for the concierge 🛎️

A few features we worked on..

Making the part-time hustle - 'Job marketplace'

The goal was to create an clear and concise marketplace with enough specificity to link users with specific skills to those employers requiring them.Lucki prioritizes a frictionless application process.

Users can express their interest in a particular job with just a few taps, eliminating unnecessary complexities.

The challenge

Job Marketplace operates in real-time, presenting users with the latest and most relevant job listings.

Job seekers can access a comprehensive array of opportunities, from culinary gigs to event staffing, all in one centralized location.

Each job listing provides key details such as job description, location, hours, and compensation.

The process

1. User Personas Conducted in-depth interviews and surveys to create detailed user personas representing workers (job seekers).

Identified key pain points, motivations, and behaviors to inform the design process.

💡This really gave a great insight into what filtering options were important to which particular kinds of users.

2. Competitive Anlysis Analyzed existing job and gig platforms to understand strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in the market.Identified opportunities to differentiate Lucki and offer a unique value proposition.

3. Usability Testing Iteratively tested wireframes and prototypes with potential users to gather feedback on navigation, information architecture, and overall usability.

All the flows we worked on..

* Some features may not be implemented, been scrapped, put on hold, or in development.
Sign Up - Login - KYC
Map View - Job details
Job Marketplace - Filtering - Job application
Job History - Earnings - Job Status
Account - Settings - Documents upload
"We gave Novatur Design some inspiration and direction of how we wanted the app to look, however when Ralph came back with the initial design concepts - it surpassed any vision of what I had in mind.
Not only the speed of the initial designs but the prototyping really allowed us to envision the final product."

Nicola Formaggio

- Founder