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Superloyal (🇸🇪) approached Novatur Design with the vision of creating a revolutionary community engagement rewards platform tailored for multi-brand groups.

With a focus on enhancing cross-selling, brand synergy, and customer engagement, Superloyal sought to develop a white-label loyalty platform that seamlessly integrates with various brands within a group while providing a cohesive and intuitive user experience.

- Over 150 screens designed
- Design system Implemented
- Totally reimagined MVP, brand and interactive prototype

Partner duration

4+ months




UX Design & UX Research
Re-inventing Brand Loyalty
Re-inventing Brand Loyalty
Re-inventing Brand Loyalty
Re-inventing Brand Loyalty

A loyalty program with epic rewards - Some of the features we worked on

Let's take a look at one in particular 'Reward Marketplace'

The Reward Marketplace is divided into two distinct sections: 'Rewards' and 'Loyalty'.

In the 'Rewards' section, users earn points through product purchases, while in the 'Loyalty' section, points are accumulated over time based on their lifetime shopping activity with each brand.

The challenge

The development of the Reward Centre within the Superloyal platform was a crucial aspect of our UX design process.

Understanding that users' engagement and loyalty hinge on their ability to earn and redeem points for exclusive experiences, we meticulously crafted the Reward Centre to deliver a seamless and delightful user experience.

The process

1. Competitive Analysis: Our journey began with comprehensive user research aimed at understanding the motivations and preferences of Loyalty platform users.

We took what was useful - and discarded which wasnt..

2. Wireframing and User flows: Armed with insights from our research, we created wireframes and prototypes of the Reward Centre. This allowed us to visualize the layout, navigation flow, and overall structure of the interface before moving into the design phase.

3. Interactive Prototyping: With a focus on simplicity and clarity, we iterated on the design of the Reward Centre to ensure that users could easily browse, select, and redeem their desired experiences.

We incorporated intuitive UI elements, such as clear categorization, visually appealing imagery, and straightforward navigation paths.

We also integrated a 'design system' that was crucial for brand Ui uniformity.

All the flows we worked on..

* Some features may not be implemented, been scrapped, put on hold, or in development.
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“After a year of trial and error with other designers on our MVP, we found a match with Ralph & Novatur Design.
Their thorough UX audit and redesign process breathed new life into our product.They not only revamped the MVP’s user interface but also vastly improved user experience. In addition, they set us up on a design system ready for scale and even created an interactive prototype ready to show and close potential clients.
Their approach proved to be the partnership we needed from the start.Looking back, Novatur Design were the designers we should have partnered with from day one. If you’re seeking a transformative UX experience, look no further."

Marcus Rosenberg